How ro remove wallpaper easy.

How to Remove Wallpaper Easy Method

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Stripping off old wallpaper from walls might not seem like fun, but we are going to show you a professional wallpaper installer trick on how to remove wallpaper that works perfectly every time. This easy method does not require any special tools or machinery. You probably have everything you need for removing wallpaper already at your home.

To remove Wallpaper Easy You Will Need:

Large sponge or 9 inch roller

Yellow decorators sponge.
decorators roller.

Dishwashing liquid

Warm water

A bucket or any container for water

How to remove wallpaper:

  1. Mix the water with the dishwashing liquid and soak your sponge or roller.
  2. Starting from one side of your wall apply the soapy water using the sponge. Keep going until all of the wallpaper is soaked in the water and dishwashing ligiid mixture.
  3. Repeat one more time.
  4. Wait about 15 minutes for the mixture to work its magic.
  5. Next, try pulling wallpaper from a corner to see if the wallpaper is ready to come off. If it is peeling easily you are ready to go.

Remove all of the wallpaper strips and any remaining paste.


Wallpaper installer`s tip: Use floor protection, because there will be water dripping from the walls. Any waterproof plastic sheets will do the job.

Ask a Professional Wallpaper Installer

If you need a professional wallpaper installer to remove your wallpaper get in touch, here at Bluespec Decorating Limited we are always happy to help.