Sales, Technical and Billing QUESTIONS

1. What types of wallpaper do you install?

We install a wide range of wallpaper types including traditional wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, textured wallpaper, and more. We can help you choose the right type of wallpaper for your space based on your design preferences and the functionality of the room.

2. How much does wallpaper installation cost?

The cost of wallpaper installation varies depending on the size of the project, the type of wallpaper, congestion charge and parking if necessary, and the complexity of the installation process. We offer competitive pricing and can provide you with a detailed quote for your specific project.

3. How do I request a quote?

To request a quote via email, simply send us an email with the details of your project at info@bluespeclimited.co.uk Please include information such as the type of wallpaper you want to install, including brand and name, the dimensions of the walls, any photos or drawings, your location and any specific requirements you may have.

4. How do I book my preferred dates?

We require a deposit of 40 % to secure your booking dates. This ensures that we can dedicate the time and resources necessary to complete the job and guarantee your booking dates.

5. What does the price includes?

Our quotes include labour, all materials and lining paper if necessary, parking and congestion charge costs are included if required. They do not include the wallpaper cost.

6. Do you provide wallpaper removal services?

Yes, we provide wallpaper removal services as well. Our team is experienced in safely and efficiently removing wallpaper without damaging your walls or causing any mess.

7. How long does wallpaper installation take?

The installation time depends on the size of the project and the complexity of the installation process. We can provide you with a timeline for your specific project.

8. Do you offer a warranty on your wallpaper installation services?

Yes, we offer a warranty on all of our wallpaper installation services. If you encounter any issues with the installation, please let us know and we will make it right.

9. Do I need to prepare my walls before the installation?

Yes, it is important to prepare your walls before the installation to ensure the best possible results. The walls must be in a suitable condition, all filling completed and walls are “made good”.

10. Do I need to remove radiators?

Yes, radiators must be removed prior wallpaper installation. We do not remove radiators.

11. How much space do you need and does furniture needs to be removed?

Bulky furniture has to be removed prior installation. We need to be able to access all the walls that are about to be wallpapered. Small pieces of furniture that can be moved easily do not have to be removed.

12. How long in advance do I need to make a booking?

Please get in touch for the latest dates availability, no matter what size is your project. Our services are usually being booked in advance. We suggest you to get in touch as early as possible in your project planning, to avoid disappointment and to schedule your most preferred dates. Sometimes, small projects are possible to be fitted in our schedule without being booked in advance.

13. Can you provide quotes from drawings/plans?

Yes, we provide quotes from drawings/plans. Some projects require a site visit to provide you with a quote. In these cases, we are able to provide an initial estimate, before we provide you with a detailed quote.

14. What areas do you cover?

We are London-based and work mainly in Central London, Greater London and Hertfordshire. However, we do frequently travel to projects so please do contact us.

15. Do you provide wallpaper quantities?

Yes, as a part of your project we will provide wallpaper quantities.

16. Do you provide floor and furniture protection?

Yes, we provide floor and furniture protection. We take extra care for your floors and furniture, always making sure everything is left clean and tidy.

17. Are you insured?

Yes, we hold liability insurance.

18. My project includes some painting? Can you help?

Of course, as a part of your project, we can paint the balance off the walls to compliment your new wallpaper.

19.Do you dispose of the rubbish?

As part of our service, we will dispose any rubbish and your site will be left clean and tidy.

20. Can you supply wallpaper as a part of my project?

Yes, we can supply wallpaper on request. We have good connections with most of the leading wallpaper and wallcovering supplies and we offer competitive prices. Please get in touch at info@bluespeclimited.co.uk.

21. Is it always necessary to line walls?

No, it is not always necessary to line walls when wallpapering. However, lining walls can provide several benefits and is often recommended for certain situations for better, long-lasting finish and if it is included in your quote that means that we recommend it.

22. Do you have Health and Safety Procedure?

Yes, we have, please get in touch /email link/ for details.

23. Are you registered for CIS and does your team have CSCS cards?

Yes, we are CIS registered and our team members hold CSCS cards.

24. Do you operate Reverse VAT?

Yes, for all projects that this VAT rate applies.

25. Do you have experience working with large-scale wallpaper installations?

Yes, we have experience working on large-scale wallpaper installations. Our team has the expertise and professionals necessary to handle large commercial installations with precision and efficiency.

26. Can you work around our business hours for commercial wallpaper installations?

Yes, we understand that your business needs to operate during regular hours. We can work with you to schedule the installation during off-hours or weekends to minimize any disruption to your business operations.

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