Wallpaper in a living room.

Finding The Best Wallpaper For The Living Room

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Choosing wallpaper for your living can be an adventurous task, but it is also slightly intimidating. You need to think about designs, tones, and materials. No fears; we’re here for you! No matter if you do the job yourself or call in professional wallpaper hangers, here’s some guidance on how to get it done right.

In this article, we’ll go over some critical and easy-to-follow tips and techniques about choosing the suitable wallpaper for your home and style. Let’s dive in!

Floral designer wallpaper installed in a London living room.
House of Hackney floral wallpaper installed in a living room.

7 Best Tips to Find the Best Wallpaper for the Living Room

The living room is very important in our house. Plus, not only is it fun to do, you have to! Wallpaper is a super easy way to change up an entire living room. However, picking the best wallpaper matters! So, we have brought seven ways to find the best wallpaper for your living room. Let’s have a look at our simple and easy-to-follow practical tips to find the right wallpaper for your living room:

1.    Understand Your Living Room’s Dimensions

Before you go hunting for the best wallpaper for your living room, ensure you know your living room size. Knowing your room dimensions can help you determine the type and quantity of wallpaper you require. To know how big, you must measure each wall by length and width. It’s incredibly critical to quantify the space of your lounge as this can enable you to gauge what measure of paint you require. Also, knowing exactly how much wallpaper you need will save you money.

2.    Consider Light Sources in the Room

Lighting plays a crucial role in deciding the look of wallpaper in your living room. So, to find the best wallpaper for your living room, always consider the amount of light. Sometimes, the more natural light in the room can wash out the cool wallpaper colours. Also, the dark room may make bold colours look even darker.

In such cases, having samples at home to check their appearance in different lighting is a good idea. Moreover, if you find any difficulty in finding the right wallpaper, you can ask any professional wallpaper installer because he can guide you in a better way.

Stylish wallpaper professionally installed in a living room, London.

3.    Choose the Right Material

Another essential tip to finding the best wallpaper for the living room is choosing the right material. Keep in mind that material and quality matter a lot. For choosing the suitable wallpaper material is as important as colour or design. Various wallpaper materials exist on the market, each boasting different strengths and weaknesses.

Take vinyl wallpapers as an example; their durability and cleanability make them a favourable choice for living rooms. They provide an array of designs and colour palettes, with some even mimicking textures such as wood, stone, or metallic surfaces.

Non-woven wallpapers represent another practical option. These wallpapers, friendly to the environment, are breathable, preventing mould and mildew growth. Additionally, they are straightforward to install and remove, making them an excellent choice for people who update their decor regularly.

For those seeking a hint of luxury, flock or silk wallpapers could be a consideration. However, remember that these variants are more prone to damage and require careful handling.

4.    Consider the Wood Color of your Living Room

If you choose wallpaper in your living room, consider the colours present on any wooden furniture or flooring, as this will affect how your wallpaper looks. Your selected wallpaper should match the colour of that wood. If your room has some black wood, select light paperwork that will balance the black with more lightness in the space. However, if your room is filled with soft wooden colours, then some bold Wallpaper adds that extra level of deep and classy look to the room.

Wallpaper installed in a living room.

5.    Think About Texture and Style

When picking out wallpaper for your living space, you must do more than choose a hue or repeat; you must also consider texture and theme.

Firstly, let’s talk about texture. Wallpapers with textures can give an exclusive touch to the room for decoration. Say you’re looking to make your living room plentiful; you can opt for a textured wallpaper that feels like velvet or silk. Which will make your room look more fancy and comfortable. Alternatively, a grass-cloth wallpaper would work great if you prefer something more organic and rural-looking. It has that rustic look, which gets very comfortable.

Textured wallpaper living room installation.
Textured wallpaper
Grasscloth wallpaper installation.
Grasscloth wallpaper

So now to the style. Choose a wallpaper that suits your tastes and the general interior of your room. A clean geometric shape wallpaper would be perfect in a modern living room. That’ll make the whole space look even smoother. But if you have a classic-looking room, a flower-printed or vintage design wallpaper can suit you better.

Geometrical wallpaper installation in living room by Bluespec Decorating Limited.
Floral designer wallpaper installed in a London living room.

6.    Test and Trial Your Wallpaper

Make sure you give it a test run before you pick your new wallpaper. You can take away smaller samples from some stores. Put them on your wall, step back, and study their appearance in varying lighting states. Watch it during the day with all the natural light filtering through those windows, and watch it at night with your artificial lamps. That way, you’ll know how it looks and decide whether or not you dig it.

test wallpaper sample.
Different light will change how wallpaper looks.

7.    Ask a Professional

Don’t know which wallpapers would suit the living room, then ask for advice. You could speak with professional wallpaper installers. They’re pretty clued up on fashions and designs, so they can offer you some good recommendations.

Explain to the wallpaper specialist who should stay in the room and the mood they want to create with it. So do you want it comfy? Fancy? Modern? They could recommend background images to you in line with your tastes.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

In conclusion, having the perfect wallpaper for your living room doesn’t need to feel overwhelming. It’s art, where you experiment with different designs, textures, and colours until you discover the pattern or colour scheme that is really you; what will work in your room? And as always, you don’t have to go through this alone. Wallpaper installations done by professionals ensure the installation process is flawless, time-efficient, and delivers that dream look for your walls.

Many skilled professionals can provide the best quality wallpaper installation services, including preparing and applying the walls on each corner and edge. So, let’s make things easy for you and outsource such hard work to professionals. Ready to transform your living room? Reach out to Bluespec Decorating Limited today. Let our professional wallpaper installers assist in transforming your living room into the space you have always envisioned.