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DIY vs. Professional Wallpaper Installation

Welcome to the Topic “DIY vs. Professional Wallpaper Installation”.

When it comes to refreshing room aesthetics, wallpapers stand as a go-to choice for many. The allure of beautiful patterns, colours, and designs can instantly elevate a room’s ambience. But a significant consideration remains: Should you install the wallpaper yourself or hire a professional wallpaper hanger?

This guide aims to provide clarity on both options. Whether you’re new to home improvements or have dabbled in decor before, we’ve got insights to help you navigate the world of wallpaper installation. Dive in, and let’s explore together!

DIY Wallpaper Installation

The DIY route stands for “Do-It-Yourself.” Those who venture down this path face the challenge of wallpapering rooms alone. The endeavour requires certain tools. You’ll need wallpaper adhesive to stick the paper onto the walls. A brush or roller helps in evenly spreading this adhesive. A utility knife is crucial to cutting excess wallpaper and shaping it around corners. To ensure the wallpaper lies flat without bubbles, a smoothing tool also becomes indispensable.

Pros of DIY Wallpaper Installation

  • Economical: Undertaking the task yourself might save you some bucks, especially if you already possess some of the tools.
  • Sense of Achievement: Completing a home decor task can be incredibly satisfying, offering a sense of accomplishment.
  • Adaptability: DIY allows you to work at your rhythm. If you wish to halt or make tweaks, it’s entirely up to you.

Cons of DIY Wallpaper Installation

  • Time-Intensive: The process can be time-consuming if you’re new to wallpapering. Professionals, with their experience, generally wrap up faster.
  • Mistake Prone: Being a novice might mean errors crop up. This could be in terms of misaligned patterns or bubbles.
  • No Assurance: Unlike professional services, DIY doesn’t come with a guarantee. If things go amiss, it’s on you to rectify them.

Professional Wallpaper Installation

This method involves hiring an expert wallpaper hanger. Professionals come with a wealth of experience. They’re adept at handling various wallpaper types- vinyl, fabric, or others. With a professional, you won’t need to fret about gathering tools. They arrive equipped with everything necessary, from adhesive to precise cutting instruments. Their expertise ensures that the wallpaper aligns perfectly with minimal wastage.

Pros of Professional Wallpaper Installation

  • Skill: Professionals have done this many times. They know the tricks to ensure smooth, bubble-free finishes.
  • Speed: They can finish the job quickly, saving you precious time.
  • Equipment: They bring all the needed tools. You won’t have to hunt down a scraper or smoothing tool.

Cons of Professional Wallpaper Installation

  • Expense: Professionals come with a price tag, often more than DIY.
  • Hands-Off: While they work, you might feel out of the loop on decisions.
  • Scheduling: It might be tricky to find a time that suits both you and the professional.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Between DIY and Professional Wallpaper Installation

Deciding between a DIY or professional approach for wallpaper installation isn’t just about what feels right. Various factors should be considered. Let’s explore them:


The most important thing that you must consider is the budget. Wallpapering can vary in cost and most depend on the way you opt for it.

DIY: Going the DIY route can be more pocket-friendly. You’ll primarily spend on the wallpaper and some essential tools if you don’t have them. While initial investments like buying a smoothing tool or adhesive might seem like added costs, remember they can be reused for future projects.

Professional: Hiring a professional wallpaper hanger will undoubtedly cost more. You’re not just paying for the wallpaper but also their expertise, tools, and time. However, remember that a pro can often get discounts on bulk wallpaper orders, and their efficiency might mean fewer costly mistakes in the long run.

Time Availability

Your schedule can play a significant role in this decision.

DIY: While DIY gives you flexibility, it also demands a good chunk of your time. Preparing the wall, measuring, cutting, and putting up the wallpaper can stretch over days, especially if you’re new to it.

Professional: With pros, the process is swifter. They have the routine down to an art. What might take you days could be completed in hours by a seasoned professional wallpaper hanger.

Skill Level

It’s essential to assess your skill level honestly.

DIY: If you’re a hands-on person who’s done similar tasks, you can opt for DIY wallpaper installation. But if your experience is limited to, say, painting a room, be prepared for a bit more challenge and learning.

Professional: Pros, as the name suggests, are skilled. Professional wallpaper specialists have handled countless projects and know how to tackle challenges that might stump the average DIYer.

The Complexity of the Project

Not all wallpaper installations are created equal. The complexity of your specific project can influence your decision.

DIY: Simple projects, like a small room with straight walls, might be more manageable for DIY. But things can get tricky if you’re looking at spaces with many corners, windows, or intricate designs. Patterns that need alignment can be incredibly challenging.

Professional: Choosing a skilled wallpaper specialist means opting for seasoned expertise. No matter the room’s size or intricacies, they’re equipped to manage. Be it a standard space or one with distinct features like pillars or curved entryways, they’ve tackled it before. If you’re thinking of splurging on premium wallpapers, their skill becomes even more crucial. They ensure these pricey and often delicate wallpapers are installed without a hitch.

Final Words!

Choosing to revamp your room with wallpaper can truly transform its ambience. Whether you tread the DIY route or call in the experts, the journey of wallpapering is filled with decisions and discoveries. The DIY approach lets you be in the driver’s seat, immersing in each step while relishing the satisfaction of personal accomplishment. However, Opting for professional wallpaper specialists enables you to sit back and watch your space evolve, thanks to skilled hands that have repeatedly done this. The ideal choice often concerns what sits well with your time, finances, and peace of mind.

If you think professionals might be the way to go, quality matters. So, to have professional wallpaper installation services, get in touch with Bluespec Limited. With a focus on excellence, your perfect room transformation is just a click away!