Eltis, Pierre Frey and Arte Wallpaper Installation Project, Hampstead Heath

Elitis wallpaper installed in a hallway, Hampstead Heath.
Specialist wallpaper installation of Elitis wallpaper, Hampstead Heath, London.
Elitis wallpaper specialist installation, Hampstead Heath.
Pierre Frey professional wallpaper installation by Bluespec Decorating Limited London, Hampstead Heath.
Professional installation of Pierre Frey wallpaper, by Bluespec Decorating Limited wallpaper hangers, Hampstead Heath, London.
Pierre Frey Indus Tise viscose wallpaper installation.
Arte Flamant wallpaper in beige leaves installed in a bathroom, Hampstead Heath.
Arte Flamant wallpaper installed in a bathroom, Hampstead Heath.

Elitis, Pierre Frey, Arte Wallpaper Installation, Hampstead Heath

Brand Installed: Elitis, Pierre Frey, Arte
Location: ,Hampstead Heath, London
Client:  Private
Category: Residential Wallpaper Installation
Wallpapers installed:

Elitis “Panama Musa” wallpaper, embossed vinyl.

Pierre Frey “indus Tise”  geometric jacquard 100% viscose wallpaper.

Arte “Flamant Les Mémoires, L`Aventure” tropical non-woven wallcovering.