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Commercial Wallpaper Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Welcome to the article, “Commercial Wallpaper Installation Mistakes to Avoid”

Commercial wallpaper, especially the luxury ones could be expensive and require specialist hanging. Based on our experience we would like share the most common mistakes when planning commercial wallcoverings and wallpaper installation. These mistakes are costly but can be avoided with careful planning. Given the specifics of commercial wallcovering installations here are few important factors to consider. Keep in mind that your project might have different and specific challenges like special working hours, extra high ceilings etc.

Plan it in Advance

Consider your budget, wallpaper delivery times, other trades working at the same time, your deadline, wall preparation and booking wallpaper installation on time.

Most Common Commercial Wallpaper Installation Mistakes:

Wrong Wallpaper Quantities. Let us quantify your wallpaper

Have your wallcovering quantities calculated by a professional. This is important to avoid having less wallpaper which can stop the work process. Ordering a lot more wallpaper than needed is a costly mistake especially when it comes to luxury expensive wallpapers.

Walls Not Ready for Wallpapering

Walls needs to be prepared before wallpaper is installed.  They need to be smooth and hole free. Also don`t forget that your wallpaper installer will need free access to the walls to be wallpapered, for example any large objects like materials and others need to be moved away.

Wallpaper Delivery Times Delays

Keep in mind that sometimes deliveries take longer. It might seem obvious but – Have you got your wallpaper?  Wallpaper deliveries can be delayed especially when coming from abroad, but there can always be issues. In our work we have seen many times wallcoverings not being delivered on time slowing down the whole project. Allow plenty of time for such delays and make sure you let us know as soon as possible if your wallpaper is delayed.

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Budget and Cheaping out on the Installation

Hiring an unskilled tradesman to save a bit on the installation can mean ruining all of the wallpaper and having to buy it again. Using the right professional to hang wallpaper beautifully will save you your money and headache in long term.

Booking Wallpaper Installation Until the Last Minute

Do not leave booking wallpaper installation until the last minute. Book wallpaper Installation in advance to avoid disappointment as in busy periods it might be difficult to book your preferred dates.

Radiators not Removed and Woodwork not Finished

Remove your radiators prior wallpapering, make sure your walls are painted or ready for panting, and all the woodwork is finished. Wallpaper installation is the last to go on.

Dusty Environment

Wallpaper needs clean environment to be installed properly. Are there other trades working at the same time and causing dust? Wallpaper can be installed alongside other trades working, but not in dusty conditions. Planning is important and not rushing all sorts of jobs being done in the same space.

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Finding the right people for your commercial wallcovering installation is an important part of having a high-quality finished project. At Bluespec Decorating Limited we provide commercial wallpaper and wallcovering installation service at the highest standards. We are always happy to offer advice and suggestions, so get in touch if you have any questions.