Home Office Two Wallcoverings Installation

Silver wallcovering from Altfield London Installed on a wall.
Silver Altfield London wallcovering on the left side and Phillip Jeffries Slate Tiles on the right.
Phillip Jeffries natural Slate tiles installed by Bluespec Decorating Limited team of wallpaper hangers.
Altfield London wallcovering in silver next to a window.

Home Office 

Wallcoverings Brand Installed:  Phillip Jeffries, Altfield London
Location: London
Client:  Anna Maria Interiors
Category: Residential Wallcoverings Installation

Wallcoverings Installation

This project is featuring two very special wallcoverings installation,  Phillip Jeffries Natural Slate Wall Panels and Silver Metallic  Altfield London wallcovering. Our wallcovering installers really enjoyed installing that combination of wallcoverings, and the result is an impressive and stylish home office.
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