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Airless Paint Spraying


Airless Spray Painting



As professional decorators we have worked on many projects, where impeccable precision was a keyword. When it comes to painting ceilings, edges and very hard-to-reach areas, there’s no better technique than airless spray painting. This method allows us to finish the job quickly, spread the paint evenly and smoothly throughout the entire working field and produce an exquisite finish.


To ensure the quality of our service we work with the latest technology in spray painting - GRACO Pro 695. For woodwork we use GRACO HVLP Pro 9.5. Pro Contractor. This is a controlled low-pressure sprayer, providing flawless outcomes. Airless spray painting is a preferred method for a variety of surfaces. It works perfectly on interior walls, design fragments or exterior areas and even metal cladded roofs. The pressure sprayer allows each droplet of paint to be distributed evenly regardless of the size of the treated space. Airless spray painting is much more time-efficient than any other painting and decorating method. When done by a professional, it can save up to 75% on labour time. So, if you are looking for a way to repaint your home or commercial setting in a tight time frame, without compromising the quality, this is your best option.


In addition, we can offer taping and jointing services. This is particularly helpful to strengthen the plasterboard joints on the walls or ceilings and prevent cracks in the future. The method is used to prepare the working area before the painting or decorating work commences.


If you have questions or you are unsure what painting method is best for your project, please contact us. We will be happy to go over all the details and listen to your specific needs and requirements. We can visit your property to provide a free, no obligation quote on the time and cost of the project or produce an estimate, using drawings.


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